here you can rent a car that you really need

Great selection

Not only new, not only expensive, not only trendy. Cars in BEEP are just like their owners: each one is different.

Lower prices

A wide range of cars means a wide range of prices. Finally, a car rental service available to everyone.

Closer to you

You don’t have to drive far to get a BEEP car, as pick-up locations are in your vicinity. nd you can drive one way.

Audi A1 Sportback w BEEP.rent
Audi A1 Sportback
from 118zł / day
Audi A3 w BEEP.rent
Audi A3
from 171zł / day
Audi A4 w BEEP.rent
Audi A4
from 107zł / day
Audi A6 w BEEP.rent
Audi A6
from 435zł / day
Audi A7 w BEEP.rent
Audi A7
from 540zł / day
Audi Q4 e - tron w BEEP.rent
Audi Q4 e - tron
from 0zł / day
Audi Q5 w BEEP.rent
Audi Q5
from 246zł / day
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Our Customers’ reviews

Hi there!
I’m very happy with your rental service. Zero formalities, quick and professional service, clean car, very comfortable and very affordable. I wanted to extend the rental period and it took one phone call, no problems whatsoever.
My trip to Frankfurt am Main was comfortable and without any interruptions. I’ll be sure to recommend you to my friends and family.
Thank you and best regards,

Krzysztof K.

Very affordable, great service.

Vasily W.

I rented the car on the same day without any problems.
Minimum formalities.
Great prices.
Very nice people.
It’s good to have such services in our city.

Arek L.

I’ve used BEEP services many times. The cars are available always on time, they’re clean, fully operational, without any faults, and relatively cheap. Really worth trying out!

Ada K.
work with us as an Agent
Simple terms and conditions,
zero hidden costs

At BEEP.rent, we’ve limited formalities to minimum. Do everything online with just a few clicks.

The car price and the amount of deposit shown on the website do not change! BEEP’s promise!

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Earn money by renting cars with us!

Add your car to BEEP and rent it. You can earn as much as PLN 2500 per month.

See how easy it is
Sample earnings
Renault Megane III Grandtour

Return on investment in 1 year

Renault Laguna III Grandtour

Return on investment in 1 year

Opel Corsa D


Return on investment in 1 year

Our Partners

Rent a car close to you

We have more and more cars and we’re opening up in new cities. Currently, you can rent cars in the locations shown on the map.

Remember, BEEP doesn’t require you to return the car to the place where you picked it up – you can drive one way with us.

Select a city from the list below and check the available cars and dates:

Car rental with BEEP

Our rental system is something much more than regular car rental service. BEEP doesn’t have its own car fleet. All the cars for rent that we have belong to their owners: the people who decided to make them available to us and earn money by renting them.

BEEP.rent car rental is peer-to-peer carsharing (person-to-person). This kind of property sharing, which means here renting a car from its owner, makes it possible for customers to rent an inexpensive car and for Partners to earn additional income.

BEEP. Simple car rental

Renting a car with BEEP is easier than with a typical car rental company – we’ve reduced all the formalities to a bare minimum. You can make a reservation and sign the agreement online and we take care of all the responsibility concerning car insurance.

Moreover, BEEP is friendlier than standard carsharing. If you rent a car with us, you deal with people, not only with apps and devices. You pick up and return the car to a trusted person – BEEP Partner. This ensures quality of customer service, safety and comfort.

Car rental,
you can afford

Thanks to our well-designed system, car rental has never been cheaper. BEEP cars include also vehicles available for as low as PLN 50 per day. This makes short- and long-term rental with BEEP more cost-effective than public transportation (e.g. cheap rental for a Wrocław–Poznań trip costs less than train return tickets).

Renting a car – what
car should I choose?

BEEP car rental is made cheaper by including older cars. We rent cars up to 15 years old. Each BEEP Partner who wants to add a car has to ensure that it is in perfect condition, insured, and comfortable (radio and A/C are required).

Browse through the cars available in your city and choose what you really need: take a small car for a city trip, choose a big limo for a wedding, pick up a trailer if you move to a new home. Yes, we do have other types of vehicles as well, including trailers, minibuses, and even recreational vehicles.

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benefit with .rent

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